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Development and manufacturing of the compressors used for the wide areas of Hydrogen gas supply chain such as Hydrogen gas production, shipping facilities, and refilling in the mobility field. We supply important facilities for the Hydrogen energy-based society.

We deliver various types of compressors for energy-related plants field such as oil refinery, petrochemical, LNG, and for steel plant, gas production line, etc.

Our Oil-free (Non-lubricated type)compressors will supply extremely clean high-pressure air through pressure boosting. Our rich product lineup includes compressors, supporting various PET bottle molding.

We have many delivery records of air compressors for the circuit breakers of electric power substations, and SF6 gas recovery units, which contributes to the recovery of greenhouse effect gas.

Our motto in after-sales service is "Improvement over time". We will continue to be clients' partner by proposing modifications for performance improvement, in addition to checks, analysis, maintenance to support stable operations.

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