After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Supporting long-term stable operations by implementing checks and analysis,
and aiming for further "Improvements over time".

Implementing periodical checks and the analysis of operations, and the maintenance
so that the products after delivery can stably operate without problems.
We will also propose facility replacement or modifications for longer life, energy-saving, and less operational costs, by always introducing the latest technology.
We will continue to be a partner with our client to improve the client's productivity.

01. Periodical checks
Periodical checks based on preventive maintenance, supporting long stable operations

Preventive maintenance will protect from troubles and operational suspension in advance. And periodical checks will restrain performance deterioration to maintain the performance. Both will contribute to the long-term stable operations.

  • ○Overhauling
  • ○Operating status check
  • ○Operating result feedback
01. Periodical checks
02. Operating state analysis, and diagnosis
Proposal of the optimum operation plan based on the operating status

We will propose the operation plan and maintenance schedule in accordance with client's needs, by implementing quantitative evaluation based on bearing vibration measurement, analysis of the rotating machinery facility, and operating status, operating data such as operating hours.

  • ○Bearing diagnosis
  • ○Pulsation analysis
  • ○Proposal of the optimal operating system
02. Operating state analysis, and diagnosis
03. Servicing proposal
Proposal of the overall solutions including facility replacement and improvements based on the concept of "Improvements over time".

The operational running cost can be reduced by using long-life components of the latest materials so that the maintenance cycle will become efficient. We can also expect its contribution to the environment since the use of long-life components will lead to the reduction of material loss.

  • ○Facility replacement, bare unit modification
  • ○Proposal for energy-saving
  • ○Proposal for the reduction in the production loss
03. Servicing proposal

If you have any problems about our products or even other manufacturer's similar products,
please do not hesitate to consult with us.

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