1905 Benji Kaji founded the company to manufacture textile machines
in Sakuragawa-cho, Osaka.
1914 Moved the company to Sanpo-cho, Sakai.
1934 Reorganized the company as a joint-stock corporation.
Started trial manufacture and research of air compressors.
1950 Marubeni Corporation took a stake in the company.
1958 Started manufacturing oil-free compressors.
Opened the Tokyo Office (currently Tokyo Branch).
1962 “EAGLE” air compressor became the model subject of JIS.
Went public. Listed in the Second Division
of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1963 Capital: JPY240,000,000
Completed the first domestically produced model
of the Kaji Charpentier-type tire cord direct
yarn twisting machine.
1964 Completed the construction of the Mihara Plant.
Move the head office to Mihara-cho
(currently Mihara-ku, Sakai).
1966 Modified the lubricated-trunk-piston type compressor.
1968 Acquired a business site for testing and
manufacture certified
under the High-pressure Gas Safety Law.
1969 Manufactured the first model of a SF6 gas recovery unit.
Developed a high-speed double-yarn twisting machine
for spun yarn, [NTK-15].
1970 Developed a high-speed piled-yarn twisting machine,
Developed a high-speed double-yarn
twisting machine
for worsted yarn, [HIT-MAC-10].
Developed an ultrahigh pressure (1000 kg/cm2) compressor.
Serialized the oil-free compressor.
1972 Developed a tire cord direct yarn twisting machine,
1973 Serialized a high-pressure (110 kg/cm2)
oil-free compressor.
1974 Delivered the first model of an oil-free gas compressor.
1980 Introduced an electric furnace into the casting plant.
Installed an automated molding line.
Obtained licensing as a construction business
under the Building Industry Law (General 55-55307).
1985 Delivered compressors to a nuclear power station.
Obtained licensing for welding procedures
under the Gas Business Act.
1986 Expanded the scope of test and
manufacture certification
(to complex equipment) under the High-pressure Gas
Safety Law.
Obtained licensing for welding procedures
under the Electric Utility Law.
1987 Obtained licensing for welding procedures
under regulations
on nuclear fuel materials,
fuel materials and nuclear reactors.
1991 Capital: JPY1, 440, 000,000
Changed the name of the company
from “Kaji Iron Works Co., Ltd.”
to “Kaji Technology Corporation”.
1993 Constructed a stainless steel welding plant.
Developed a DC2000-type tire cord direct
yarn twisting machine.
Developed a large-scale yarn twisting machine
for glass fiber.
1994 Opened a service center.
1997 Acquired ISO 9001 certificate.
1999 Developed a CNG oil-less compressor.
2000 Acquired ISO 14001 certificate.
Opened the Osaka Branch.
2003 Opened the natural gas refueling station,
2004 Developed a ultrahigh pressure (110 MPa)
hydrogen gas air-cooled oil-less piston compressor.
2005 100th anniversary of foundation
2007 Delivered an ultrahigh pressure (40MPa)
hydrogen gas compressor
to the fuel cell refueling station
in front of Osaka Prefectural Head Office.
2010 Developed a large-size horizonal balanced-opposed compressor.
2014 Sales start of 82MPa full-stage hydrogen compressor
HyKom340 “for fuel cell refueling station.
2015 Start of capital and business alliance with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.(current:Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Integrating the Osaka branch office to headquarters.