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KAJIpower, for the EARTH

Born in 1905 as a textile machinery manufacturer in Osaka, Japan, Kaji Technology Corporation grew up now to be one of the leading manufacturer of high-pressure air and gas piston compressors of various applications, serving global market.

Toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society, hydrogen, a CO₂-free fuel, is attracting attention as the next generation of energy. Our professional competence made it possible to successfully develop a Hydrogen gas compressor of Air-cooled Oil-less type with discharge pressure of 110 MPa, the world highest in 2004. This innovative development is highly recognized among industrial, engineering and academic communities. Since then, in 2014, we commercialized HyKom340, 82MPa Oil-free Hydrogen gas compressor unit for FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicles) hydrogen gas stations, and as of November 2021, we delivered them to a total of 51 hydrogen gas stations and are operating smoothly. Now Kaji Technology Corporation is the top runner as a compressor manufacture for hydrogen gas stations in Japan.

We understand that technical innovation is the essential task for a manufacturer to realize sustainable growth. To realize a hydrogen society, we are developing;
(1) Next model of Hydrogen gas compressor unit for hydrogen gas stations for FCV to achieve compactification and low running cost.
(2) Larger Hydrogen gas compressor unit for hydrogen gas stations for HDV (Heavy Duty Vehicles) such as buses and trucks.
(3) Larger Hydrogen gas compressor unit for a hydrogen supply chain including hydrogen production equipment.

In order to realize a carbon-neutral society, we believe that our high-pressure compression technology can be utilized for the development and practical application of ammonia and synthetic fuel (e-fuel) in ships and aircraft, hydrogen transportation using the organic hydride method, CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage separation) & CCUS (Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage), etc. In response to the requests of customers who are developing, we will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society by actively cooperating in development and practical application.

We are proud that our corporate activities contribute to society, including the preservation of the global environment, and we will continue to challenge the cutting edge of the times while promoting highly transparent management and maintaining stable business performance, but never staying in the same place.

Hiroshi Suzuki

Our Values

We are honest and straightforward. We always try to do right thing.
We have a compelling desire to improve.
We build a fair and healthy corporate body and culture.

Corporate Philosophy

Kaji Technology contributes to the prosperity of all stakeholders, and economic development and social progress by using its technology to provide excellent products and services that society demands.

Kaji Technology devotes itself incessantly to the research and development of technology, and organizes the company to compete in overseas markets and grow as a global company in this age of globalization.

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