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KAJIpower, for the EARTH

Kaji Technology Corporation is a time-honored company founded in 1905 and is entering its 118th anniversary this year. Originally founded as a textile machinery manufacturer, today our main products are compressors for air and various gases. We supply high-pressure and ultra-high pressure compressors for a wide range of applications to both domestic and overseas customers.

Over the years, we have supplied wide array of products to the world based on our advanced technologies, including compressors for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, for PET bottle molding, for various plants and for hydrogen stations. In particular, our ultra-high pressure compressor for hydrogen stations, commercialized in 2014, have been supplied to a cumulative total of 52 hydrogen stations as of May 2023. With this and other achievements, we are Japan's top manufacturer of compressors for hydrogen stations.

To prepare for the coming full-scale shift to a carbon-neutral society, we are advancing initiatives to further reduce the cost of developing hydrogen station compressors, making improvements to reduce running cost, and developing large compressors for large FCVs such as trucks and buses. Further, we are also developing compressors for the hydrogen supply chain that will be needed for the production and supply of hydrogen. These efforts include a water electrolyzer that has great potential for the future. Efforts are being made to achieve practical applications for ammonia, synthetic fuel (e-fuel), and carbon dioxide separation, capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies, and we believe that our ultra-high pressure technologies can also be applied to achieve these practical applications. We will launch new products and services in a timely manner in anticipation of future market trends, catering to customer needs and helping solve social issues.

We will continue to take on challenges boldly to be the leading-edge company while ensuring highly transparent management, maintaining a stable performance, and being proud that our corporate activities are contributing to society, including the improvement of the global environment.

President and CEO
Katsunori Matsuoka

Our Values

We are honest and straightforward. We always try to do right thing.
We have a compelling desire to improve.
We build a fair and healthy corporate body and culture.

Corporate Philosophy

Kaji Technology contributes to the prosperity of all stakeholders, and economic development and social progress by using its technology to provide excellent products and services that society demands.

Kaji Technology devotes itself incessantly to the research and development of technology, and organizes the company to compete in overseas markets and grow as a global company in this age of globalization.

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