It is the goal and pride of Kaji Technology to acquire, maintain and develop the ability that enables us to meet any customer need whether for extra-high pressure gas, special gas, etc.


Challenging diverse and advanced needs at the forefront of the times

With regards to compressors used in the petrochemical and manufacturing industries, since the type of gas to be treated covers a wide range and the required specifications of gas compressor are of great variety, our company adopts a custom-made production system. In the design of custom-made products, the weight of the design division on products is heavy unlike with mass-produced products. Some products are covered by the laws and regulations of Japan while others must comply with the laws and regulations of other countries. Thus, we must design our products according to the respective requirements, which is why the design division plays an important role in the manufacture of compressors.

Generally speaking, our products are optimally designed on a plenty of past results, such as a chemical engineering calculation program for heat exchangers and a strength calculation program for high-pressure gas, using 2-D and 3-D CAD. With new designs, structural analysis and stress analysis play an important role. To avoid detrimental pulsations and vibrations, pulsation analysis is performed.

Even in a custom-made compressor, efficient power consumption is indispensable. We tackle new series of cylinders, cylinder valves using CFD simulation program with products.