It is the goal and pride of Kaji Technology to acquire, maintain and develop the ability that enables us to meet any customer need whether for extra-high pressure gas, special gas, etc.


Advanced welding technology that makes it possible to meet diverse requests

Engineers use their acquired advanced welding skills fully to manufacture the products that meet diverse requests.
We manufacture all products that require high quality, such as pipes, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, at its own plants.

Also, many engineers qualified by national examination support the manufacture of products that can meet every request from customers.

List of qualified welding engineers

Technical qualification JIS Z 3410 (ISO14731) /WES8103 Welding control engineer
Performance qualification JIS Welder Person qualified by aptitude certificate(JISZ3801,JISZ3821,JISZ3841,JISZ3891)
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Boiler welder (Ordinary/Special)
Electric Utility Law Qualified welder (Thermal power/Nuclear power)
The Nuclear Reactor Regulation Law Welder Qualified person
Gas Utility Industry Law Welder Qualified person