It is the goal and pride of Kaji Technology to acquire, maintain and develop the ability that enables us to meet any customer need whether for extra-high pressure gas, special gas, etc.

After-sales service

“Stable production” is supported by reliable services

For a customer to use a compressor safely for a long period of time, periodic maintenance is indispensable.

There are authorized service partner in Japan and overseas countries, whose skills Kaji Technology recognizes. There are more than 40 of them, and they provide maintenance for equipment delivered by us with their high technical capabilities.

List of authorized service partner

Names of companies
Japan Meiwakikikougyo Co.,LTD.
Kuribayashikikou Co.,LTD.
Sugawara Diesel Co.,LTD.
Oosaki Mente Service
Okazaki Air Plant
Onomasa Densetsu
Kazashi Kogyo Co.,LTD.
Service Engineering Co,.LTD.
Sanritsu Kougyo Co.,LTD.
CP Engineering
Tsuchiya Engineering
Tokokikaikogyo Co.,LTD.
Misakikougyo Co.,LTD.
Moriwakisanki Co. ,Ltd.
Yamahagi Air Plant Co.,LTD.
Watanabe Engineering
Morita Air Kousyo
Godosangyo Co.,LTD.
Norimotokuuki Syokai
Kuze Maintenance
Nishiyamakouki Co.,LTD.
Aoi Techono Co.,LTD.
Shoei Industry Co.,LTD.
Kuma Air Service
Asahikougyo Co,.Ltd.
Okinawa Kikai Seibi Co.,LTD.
China Shanghai Toho Technology Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Thaiyo Engineering LTD.
Korea Jang Lee Engineering
Pacific Mechanical Engineering Co.,LTD.
Top Technology Maintenance
Jung Sung Engineering Co.,LTD.